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under $25 { 1. 2.| 3. | 4. |  5. | 6. | 7. | 8. }

under $50 { 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13. | 14. }

under $100 { 15.  | 16. 17.  | 18. | 19. | 20. }

Happy Friday! We wanted to bring back an older post we used to do sharing our favorite things this week + some great pieces we just bought or found (mostly on SALE!). After the major flight/passport debacle, we are FINALLY leaving on Sunday (fingers crossed we make it) to Mexico, haha. Thank you to all of you all who were helping us look for it, and giving us tips on how to get it quicker! This trip will be so amazing once we get there. We hope you all have a great weekend!

We get the tightest hips. Do you all? It is probably because we spend so much time sitting and working, oops. We are definitely going to be trying these hip stretches! We have also been going to yoga at Exhale Spa, which we LOVEEE!… Continue Reading

Our Stay At The South Congress Hotel

Our Stay at The South Congress Hotel |

This past week, we had the pleasure of staying at the South Congress Hotel. It is a boutique hotel located in one of our favorite parts of Austin, South Congress. What we love about Austin, especially South Congress, is that there are a ton of restaurants, shopping, and bars, all very walkable!Our Stay at The South Congress Hotel |

{ Hat | Shirt Similar Here | Shorts | Wedges | Bag }

We used to eat and walk around this street all of the time when we went to school in Austin, HOOK ‘EM, so it is always fun to be back! This hotel was actually not even around when we were in school, and was just built a couple of years ago.… Continue Reading

Double Dose Of Fitness .17

Double Dose of Fitness | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFITSwiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew  | Speed Short Mesh | Cardio Squad Tank II  ON SALE! | Mesh Leggings Similar Here and Here Free To be Bra | Sunglasses  | Shoes Similar Here and Here}

Happy Wednesday! We have had quite the week. In case you missed our previous blog posts, we were supposed to be leaving for Mexico Monday, but Sam couldn’t find her passport on Sunday night, so we searched the entire house, only to not find it.… Continue Reading

Our Favorite Places to Shop + $1000 Giveaway

Our Favorite Places To Shop | adobeledose.comSometimes you just need to go back to basics. This knotted tee is only $22 and is a twist (get it? on a basic white tee. We love how it is kind of oversized! We are wearing an XXS for reference. These cutoffs do seem like an investment for ripped shorts, but they are really well made, and they are the perfect baggy fit, but not too baggy! You all know we love these black slip ons! They are a great shoe for all year, are under $60, and super comfy!

PS- head to the bottom of the post for your chance to win $1000!Our Favorite Places To Shop | adobeledose.comOur Favorite Places To Shop | adobeledose.comA lot of you all want to know where our favorite affordable place are to shop. If you know us well, you probably know that we don’t like to spend and arm and a leg on pieces, especially trendy ones. Of course, we will treat ourselves to a nice investment piece once in a while like shoes, a bag, or some good jeans, but most of the time, we like to stick to a more budget-friendly range.Our Favorite Places To Shop | adobeledose.comOur favorite places to shop are:


We love Nordstrom for so many reasons.… Continue Reading

Goodnight Macaroon Flash Sale

We have already shared these looks on our instagrams, but we wanted to do a roundup of all of these pieces again because they are on sale from one of our favorite retailers, Goodnight Macaroon, from now until Thursday! There are some great spring pieces that are super versatile! Goodnight Macaroon Flash Sale | adoubledose.comThis flowy off shoulder top is super cute and not uncomfortable at all! It also comes in pink.

Wearing size S.


Goodnight Macaroon Flash Sale | adoubledose.comThis white tunic has the cutest bows on the sides, and is super cute with white jeans.

Wearing size S.… Continue Reading

Our Favorite Spots in Dallas: Greenville Avenue

Our Favorite Spots in Dallas: Lower Greenville | adoubledose.comHappy Monday! We just got back Saturday afternoon from a quick stay in Austin at the South Congress Hotel (full post coming on that soon, we LOVED it!), and were supposed to be off today to Cabo for a fun few days at the Breathless Cabo by the marina. Samantha lost her passport somehow, and didn’t realize until 6:30 PM that she couldn’t find it, so we are going to try to rebook our trip as soon as we can. We can’t wait to show you all of our trip once we make it out there! Our Favorite Spots in Dallas: Lower Greenville | adoubledose.comBefore we get into our favorite spots, we wanted to talk about this super cute, tiered dress! It is the prefect spring and summer dress, it is under $50, and comes in a rust color, too. It also comes in a super fun maxi dress that we want! We are wearing an XS in it for reference. We love it with these slingback sandals (super comfy!)

In case you missed our first post on all of our favorite Dallas spots, you can check out that post here.Continue Reading

Our Results From The Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test

Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test | adoubledose.comAs most of y’all know, we eat extremely healthy. We both suffer from a thyroid condition, Hypothyroidism (more on that in this post). this post). Even though we do avoid some foods that we know we can’t tolerate well, we were curious if there were any of other foods we could be intolerant to, and should try to avoid. We had never been tested for food intolerances before, so we were really excited to try Pinnertest. What we loved about this test, is that it is SO easy and virtually painless to take. 
Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test | adoubledose.comPinnertest is one of the most accurate at-home food intolerance testing kits, so of course, when we were researching and read that, we were both on board! We wanted to share how easy the process is, and of course, what our results were!

What is Pinnertest?

Pinnertest is an at-home food intolerance test kit that is delivered straight to your door (yes, please!) no need to run to a lab. After doing research for a while (we have been super into all of this sinceexgetting diagnosed with hypothyroidism), we found out that food intolerances can lead to acne, bloating (ugh), weight gain, eczema, headaches, just to name a few.… Continue Reading

Bachelorette Party Essentials with Stag & Hen

Bachelorette Party Ready with Stag & Hen | adoubledose.comWedding season is here, and that means bachelorette parties are happening! Whether you are getting married, or are in a bachelorette party soon, we found the CUTEST stuff you have to have in order to have the best time, and look perfectly accessorized, of course;) All of the pieces below are from the most adorable boutique, Stag & Hen.Bachelorette Party Ready with Stag & Hen | adoubledose.comBachelorette Party Ready with Stag & Hen | adoubledose.comSo, y’all know that our job basically revolves around looking cute, girly, and put-together. Of course, we would not be part of any bachelorette party that wasn’t instagram-worthy, right? Everything we do is for the ‘gram! What we love about all of these pieces from Stag & Hen is that they are all super cute, pink and gold, and sparkly. Who wouldn’t love that? Since we are so busy, and are sure most of y’all are too, we love that this boutique is a one-stop-shop, meaning you don’t have to look all over the internet for cute party accessories.… Continue Reading

An Extra Dose Podcast: Dating App Advice, Pros & Cons of Entrepreneurship, Drinks of Choice, and Mother’s Day Gifts

  An Extra Dose Podcast | In case you missed our first podcast, An Extra Dose, you can listen to it here. This episode is a longer one, but we get more personal and talk about topics we think you all will love:) We talk all about our dating app experiences, give our perspective on entrepreneurship versus corporate America. We also talk about our drink of choice, and advice on ordering healthier drinks (more on that in this post). And, for those of you looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, we each share our suggestions, and what we will probably be buying our moms;)

We want to hear your feedback. We are just starting out, so any tips or anything you want answered, we are all ears!

To listen to the episode, click the PLAY button or “open in a new window”.… Continue Reading

Our First Podcast : Introduction

An Extra Dose Podcast | adoubledose.comWe are SO excited to introduce something new we have been trying out! We just started a podcast, An Extra Dose, with one of our good friends, Olivia Luko. We have known her for over seven years! Can you believe that? She owns her own business, Hats By Olivia, which are the CUTEST personalized hats. We have a few, and can’t wait to share more of them on Instagram. To hear more of our backgrounds, and how we all met, and became friends, listen below!

We are really excited to hear your thoughts. None of us have done this before, but have all listened to podcasts, and love them. Sometimes, listening to music can get really old. We love listening to podcasts while working, working out, driving, etc. You can learn so much, and be really entertained, all without having to watch something, which we love.… Continue Reading