Our Favorite Snacks and Protein Bars

Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comHappy Saturday! We have been getting a lot of questions about our snacks and what we like to eat, so I thought I would re-share this post from a while back, since a lot of you all may have have missed it!

 We tend to love eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins like eggs, chicken, steak, fish, etc, but we definitely like to snack on stuff and have a MAJOR sweet tooth!

Here are our go-to snacks:Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comWe always go for something with protein and carbs together. The protein is super important because it keeps you full! We get our carbs from mostly fruits and vegetables, but also love toast, granola, etc. 

We have also gotten a ton of questions about which protein bars are our favorite. We almost always go for Quest protein bars because they’re lower in carbs, high in protein, and high in fiber. We love them toasted in the oven for a few minutes because they get crispy on the outside !
Our Favorite Protein Bars | adoubledose.com

Here are some other favorite snack ideas:

Since we have a major chocolate tooth (if that’s even a word?), we love making our own chocolate popsicles with a mixture of Greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder or cocoa powder, stevia, and a little unsweetened almond milk. Recipe HERE!Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

A bowl of fresh fruit is always great to snack on when you’re craving something sweet! I would probably have something with protein in it with this!
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.com


Although this isn’t really a “snack”, we both tend to eat this as a snack/meal any time of day. I will prep grilled chicken at the beginning of the week with veggies. We love roasted carrots and brussels sprouts!
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comThis is also another snack/meal for us. This is a HUGE salad from Snappy Salads with grilled chicken.
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.com Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFITTowel Sunglasses | Michele Deco Watch | Gold Ring Blue David Yurman Ring | David Yurman Cable Bracelets HereHere, and Here Gold Initial Cuff   | Gold Initial Cuff | Nail Color }

Yogurt with fresh fruit and a little bit of granola is a great snack as well because it gives you protein from the yogurt and carbs from the fruit and granola. Be careful when picking a yogurt out with too much sugar. Go with the plain, unsweetened ones and add in stevia and fruit!Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.com Some veggies with hummus or a dip is a great snack as well! Recipe HERE and HERE!
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.com Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comWe have this chocolate mug cake for dessert every night. It has a ton of protein in it and is super easy to make! Recipe HERE!Chocolate Cake for ONE - For when you're craving chocolate cake, but want just enough for yourself? This recipe is perfect for you! Best part is, it can be made AND consumed in just a couple of minutes! | Double Dose Fitness

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  1. says

    Love this post! It’s so relevant to have quick and healthy snacks on the go in today’s busy world! I posted my 3 fav bars (all refined sugar free) and they are lara bars, rx bars, and elemental superseed bars! All good and made with natural ingredients. Want to check out the Quest bars just need to research about the Sugar Alcohol situation!!

    Love the big salads, fruit and whole milk siggi -all my favorite go-to’s!

    lovely post ladies!!! xoxo


    • A Double Dose says

      Thanks, Lauren! So happy to hear you loved this post! Oh yeah, RX bars are great, too! I haven’t tried those, but have heard great things! I love Quest bars and I usually can’t eat dairy or stuff like that, but these are okay for me! I am obsessed with the chocolate chip!

  2. Rachael says

    I love the snack ideas & protein bar recommendations… ☺️ Is there any brand of bread, wrap or puts you would recommend? I’m looking for a good one!
    Thanks! ?

      • Rachael says

        Thanks! It was supposed to say “pitas”…. Autocorrect ?.

        Also love that you don’t have to be signed up for “like to know” anymore to get your cute outfits! & I’m going to have to try out the mug cake & chocolate Popsicles ?

        • A Double Dose says

          No worries! I got what you said;) YAY! it is so much easier without having to be signed up! SO glad it is better for you! Hope you try them out!

  3. Alex says

    I love this post!’you ladies do such a great job eating so healthy and balanced! Quest bars! Can’t tell you how many times i wonder just how many I can eat in one day! Costco has their own version that is very similar, cookie dough and chocolate brownie. Pretty good and under $20 for a box of 20! I like putting them in the microwave for about 25 seconds. Also fun to make your own Lara bar since the ingredients are so simple! I make them in to little protein balls. Thanks for sharing!

    • A Double Dose says

      Hi Alex! Thanks so much for checking this post out!

      You are so sweet:) We truly love eating healthy and everything, so we really appreciate that! OH YES! I have been meaning to buy those. The Costco is like 25 min away, so it is on my list to do, but I def want to get some of those! Thanks for sharing that! Going to get those ASAP! And, the homemade Lara bars sound amazing!

  4. Amanda says

    Love this post! I will definitely have to make the mug cake and popsicles! 🙂
    What do you guys think about the popular bars trending in the health market like Squarebars, Rxbars, and Macrobars? Also, what are some of your favorite granola, yogurt, and nut butter brands?

    • A Double Dose says

      Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for stopping by! I think those are all great options, but I would also keep in mind that they do have a lot of carbs and sugars in them, so just be sure your cognizant of that! They are definitely great with some added protein!

      For granola, we love Purely Elizabeth. For yogurt, we love Elli quark, Siggis, or Fage. For nut butters, we love Wild Friends and Crazy Richards!


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