Our Stay at Breathless Cabo Resort + Spa

Our Stay at Breathless Cabo Resort + Spa | adoubledose.com

We are SO excited to share our stay at Breathless Cabo Resort + Spa. We had the MOST incredible experience there. From the moment we were picked up from the Cabo airport by our hilarious driver who greeted us with beer, to the moment we left the resort, our time was nothing short of amazing. We seriously had THE best time, and we hope that is reflected in our pictures and videos. Be sure to check out our vlog (we apologize for the newbie editing; this is our first one!) to see all the behind the scenes, and highlights of our trip! 

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The Perfect Earrings For Spring and Summer

The Perfect Spring Earrings | adoubledose.comWe love a good statement earring or pop of color for a summer dress, or something to make that outfit perfectly accessorized. Whether it is earrings or a necklace, the right jewelry can add the perfect pop. We were these gorgeous pieces from Sogno on our recent trip to Cabo (check tomorrow's blog post for a full recap and review). We got SO many compliments when we we wore these earrings! SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Spa Day At Hotel Crescent Court

Spa Day at The Hotel Crescent Court | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

Who doesn't love a spa day? On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of getting to experience the amazing spa the Hotel Crescent Court. Many of you all may recognize it from this past RewardStyle conference a couple of weeks ago. Not only is the actual hotel gorgeous, and in a great part of Dallas (if you all are visiting Dallas, or have never been before, you should definitely go check out the hotel, and their spa!) They are actually about to undergo a huge renovation, which I am sure will be incredible!

The Spa at Hotel Crescent Court is a private health and fitness club that offers hotel guests and members fitness programs and spa treatments, as well as a steam room and sauna. The gym had every piece of equipment you could ever need, and they even had fruit-infused water, my favorite! They also have a gorgeous pool with cushioned lounge chairs, and a waterfall.

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Friday Favorites + Weekend Sales .2

Friday Favorites + Weekend Sales .2 | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

Happy Friday, babes! In case you missed the last Friday Favorites post, you can check it out here. We wanted to share some fun pieces that are on sale, or affordable if you're looking to treat yourself to some fun stuff this weekend! You deserve it:) PS- Happy Mother's Day to you all, and we hope you have a great day with your mom's, or motherly figures! We are so excited to spend the weekend with our mom:) We also are sharing our favorite reads this week below:

These strawberry chia overnight oats look AMAZING, and would be perfect for busy mornings.

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When To Wear White Dresses

When To Wear White Dresses | adoubledose.com SHOP THE OUTFIT

As we were looking though some super cute white dresses online, we were thinking besides the obvious bridal shower, when else do you wear a white dress? We don't know about you, but we LOVE white anything: white jeans, white tops, white dresses, white shorts, etc. It is just so clean-looking, and super flattering on anyone. Also, it just makes you look super tan! We rounded up our favorite white dresses, and also wanted to give you all ideas on other times you could wear a white dress.

We love all of them, but especially #10 because it is SUPER affordable, and a steal at just $28.

This cold shoulder one ( #8) is adorable, too!

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Double Dose Of Fitness .18

 A Double Dose Of Fitness | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

Happy Wednesday! Today, we are going to be sharing another downloadable workout for y'all! In case you missed they last one, you can check it out in this post. Each day (workout) is split into a muscle group with rep amounts, set amounts, and weight amounts. We also are giving a few tips as well. This workout schedule is available for download for $10. It is exactly what we will be doing this week, and you could always re-use this plan for other weeks, and mix and match them. To download the workout schedule, click below:

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Work Outfit Ideas

Work Outfit Ideas | adoubledose.com


We have had a lot of requests to do a work outfit post. Most of you all probably don't know this, but we both used to work in public accounting. We used to get ready for work every day, and wear very similar outfits to the ones below! We put together a few necessities for work attire below, plus some fun outfit ideas! Most of the pieces below are super affordable! We also shared ideas in this post a while back!

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Getting Bronze with Tanceuticals

Getting Bronze with Tanceuticals | adoubledose.comDon’t know about y’all but we have been obsessed with self tanner recently! We used to use the gradual lotions in college and even after, but more recently, we have been trying all different self tanners. We do have olive skin tone, so we do always have a good base color year round, but we do look wayyy more pale in the winter and spring months. We look at photos from the summer and even into the fall and we look like we are different people! We love using sunless tanners to give some color on our bodies and faces when the sun isn't strong enough to get a tan. We have never used a tanning bed (a big no no!), and have gotten a spray tan, but who has time for that every week! We recently tried the Tanceuticals line, and really like the products!

Not going to lie, we were a little skeptical about the products. One, would it be super streaky everywhere? Two, would it make us look super orange and therefore basically make a giant announcement that we put self tanner on. Three, how easy would it be to apply? Finally, four, would it smell super yucky? We have found some other self tanners that we did not like at all and a few that we have really liked, so we wanted to put it to the test. SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Buy Me A Drink, Saying No, Advice For College Seniors – An Extra Dose Podcast

An Extra Dose Podcast | adoubledose.com

We are back with our third episode of our podcast, An Extra Dose. In case you missed our first two episodes, you can listen to them here and here. Listen to the podcast HERE OR search for "An Extra Dose" on iTunes.

In this episode, we talked about a funny thing that happened to us at dinner this weekend. We want to hear if you all have any similar stories, or what you would have done in this situation!


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Our Favorite Criss Cross Tees + Swimsuits

We love a basic tee, especially one with criss-cross detailing! We rounded up all of our favorite tees, tanks, and swimsuits. The tees are great with shorts or jeans, and take a basic tee to a more fun level.  This v-neck cross-front tee is only $15, and comes in a bunch of colors! Such a steal!

We love this strapless bikini top, and the colors is gorgeous on any skin tone!

This t-strap tee is a simple, but elegant take on a basic tee, and it is $25. SHOP THE OUTFIT

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