Bright Peplum Tee

Bright Peplum Tee | adoubledose.comBetween yesterday's post, and today's, y'all probably think we are peplum obsessed; probably because we are!;) How cute is this tee? It is  $48, and comes in a bunch of colors!  It fits slightly oversized, so keep that in mind! We are wearing an XS for reference. SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Bright Printed Leggings + Sculpted Shoulder Workout

Not going to lie, I was a little weary of these printed leggings and how they would look on my short legs. I have seen lots of people wearing them and they look super cute when paired with the right things. I always think they look great on people with long legs, of course which I don’t have at all. I am 5’1″, aka mini-sized, so sometimes those kinds of trends are not a good look on me. I always hear my mom in my head when I say that telling me “you look great in everything,” which is so sweet, but definitely not the case!

Mom’s are the best for that, aren’t they?

Anyways, back to these adorable leggings: I love when my workout clothes can be worn straight from the gym to brunch or to run errands, or when you’re just pretending that you worked out when you really didn’t 😉

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