Our Favorite Spots in Dallas: Greenville Avenue

Our Favorite Spots in Dallas: Lower Greenville | adoubledose.comHappy Monday! We just got back Saturday afternoon from a quick stay in Austin at the South Congress Hotel (full post coming on that soon, we LOVED it!), and were supposed to be off today to Cabo for a fun few days at the Breathless Cabo by the marina. Samantha lost her passport somehow, and didn't realize until 6:30 PM that she couldn't find it, so we are going to try to rebook our trip as soon as we can. We can't wait to show you all of our trip once we make it out there! SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Heading Outdoors In Dallas with Outdoor Voices

Heading Outdoors In Dallas with Outdoor Voices | adoubledose.comA couple of years ago, you would never find us working out, or really, doing anything outdoors. Since moving and living in Austin in Dallas, we have loved getting to go outdoors on a beautiful day. Going on a walk or *short* hike is one of our favorite things to do in the early evenings. These Outdoor Voices pieces are the perfect for heading out on a walk, or even for any workout. They are put-together, without having to spend hours trying to piece together an entire workout look. Admit it, you've totally been there! We know we have;)SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Spring Prints with BuddyLove

Spring Prints with Buddy Love | adoubledose.comHappy Thursday! It has been one of those weeks where it has felt like it was Thursday or Friday since the start of the week. Not sure why this week has felt SO long, but luckily we are almost through the home-stretch! Moving on, who else is a MAJOR fan of stripes?! You just can't go wrong. They are a classic print, and you can wear them with everything! This peplum cami is the perfect top for spring and summer. We paired it with some white ripped jeans and these red block heels to add a fun pop of color! SHOP THE OUTFIT

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Our Favorite Dallas Spots

Our Favorite Dallas Spots | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

After many of you have requested a post on this, we are fiiiinally doing one. We are kind of embarrassed to say we have lived in Dallas for over three and-a-half years, and haven’t really posted about our favorite spots before! Okay, so maybe it is kind of for good reason 😉 Honestly, we are probably bantering 90% of the time we are out in Dallas, so there’s a good chance you have seen us at one of our frequent spots in an argument, eek! 

Dallas is such a FUN city.

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AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium | adoubledose.com

Last week, we had the incredible experience of getting to tour both AT&T Stadium in Arlington and The Star in Frisco! Living in Dallas, you can’t not be a Dallas Cowboys fan. We are not originally from Dallas, but have become Cowboy fans since moving here. After getting to tour both facilities, we are even bigger fans than we were before!AT&T Stadium | adoubledose.com

Even if you’ve had the chance to visit AT&T Stadium for a game, you probably didn’t realize how much a role AT&T plays in the incredible technology at the stadium!

We started off our day getting to tour The Star in Frisco, which is the Dallas Cowboys’ world headquarters. It houses the corporate offices and practice facility for the team, as well as the Ford Center, which has a state-of-the-art indoor football stadium that hosts a variety of events, an entertainment district lined with restaurants and shops, the Omni hotel, a medical center and more.

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Yogis with Plum Yoga

Plum Yoga Dallas- all about our favorite yoga studio in Dallas | adoubledose.com{ Dona Jo Leggings | Black Tank | Havaianas Crystal Flip Flop | Yoga Mat  }

As you all may know, we workout pretty much every day, but with all of that working out, comes tight muscles and joints, and obviously stress, because who doesn’t experience that? I have tried several other yoga classes in the past, and actually did a ton of hot yoga in college. I would go at least twice a week and I got super addicted to it. I loved the way I felt so refreshed after a long class and ready to take on whatever I needed to do that day.

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Our Fave Dallas Eats

You all know we are MAJOR foodies, so we are constantly on Yelp or other apps to find new, fun places to eat! Having lived in Dallas for over two years now, we have gotten a chance to try a ton of restaurants and find places that we go to on the regular. We thought we would share a quick little list of the restaurants we love and what our favorite dishes are to get there!

We know when we are traveling or visiting a new place, we always try to find all the best local places, so if you’re ever in Dallas or if you’re from Dallas, we hope this will help you find some new places to try out (or some new dishes!)

Cedar’s Mediterranean Mezza

We eat here at least once a week (yes, we are that obsessed) and if you have seen our Instagram pages, you know how much we eat when we go here.

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Getting our O R A N G E on!

As we mentioned in our earlier post on Orangetheory, we usually aren’t that into group fitness classes, and tend to do our own thing in the gym. Sometimes, however, it’s good to switch up your routine!

We were presented with the opportunity to take Orangetheory’s Orange 60. The verdict: We LOVED it! Was it hard? Oh yes.

Before starting the class, we were presented with heart rate monitors that are specifically assigned to you to measure your heart rate throughout the class. The heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep your heart rate in the “Orange Zone”- the heart rate in which you burn the most calories and reap the most health benefits (about 84 percent higher than your max heart rate).

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Getting Sweaty at Orangetheory Fitness

When we were presented with the opportunity to try out Orangetheory Fitness classes, we are SO excited! As most of you all know, fitness and health is our passion!

We LOVED the class! We will say that we usually don’t do a lot of group classes, but we could defnitely see ourselves doing this several times a week! Not only did we sweat our booties off, but we felt so refreshed afterwards!

So, you may be wondering what exactly is Orangetheory Fitness?

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Going [Beyond] Our Normal Workout Routine @ BEYOND500

Beyond500- BEYOND500 is an alternative to High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT in Dallas, TX | Double Dose FitnessWhen we were presented with the opportunity to try out BEYOND500’s classes, we are SO excited! As most of you all know, to say we are obsessed with fitness and working out, would be an understatement! Working out (and eating) is constantly on our brains!

We LOVED the class, and usually are not girls who typically enjoy working out in group classes, but this definitely changed our mind! Not only did we get our butts kicked, we felt so refreshed afterwards!

BEYOND500 is an alternative to High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. BEYOND uses the “BEYOND PHIT” method (Pilates Hybrid Interval Training) that combines three dynamics: Pilates-inspired movements, cardio intervals, and strength exercises. Each class, different variations are used using three pieces of equipment:

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