An Extra Dose Podcast: Dating App Advice, Pros & Cons of Entrepreneurship, Drinks of Choice, and Mother’s Day Gifts

An Extra Dose Podcast | adoubledose.comIn case you missed our first podcast, An Extra Dose, you can listen to it here. This episode is a longer one, but we get more personal and talk about topics we think you all will love:) We talk all about our dating app experiences, give our perspective on entrepreneurship versus corporate America. We also talk about our drink of choice, and advice on ordering healthier drinks (more on that in this post). And, for those of you looking for some Mother's Day gift ideas, we each share our suggestions, and what we will probably be buying our moms;)

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Taking Risks

Taking Risks- How we took our first (of many) major risks & why we think it's important to do! | Double Dose FitnessYou know when you see a quote and you’re like “wow, I really like what that says. So true.” Well, that has happened to us countless times, but never have quotes had so much meaning to us as these do. For those of you that have followed us on Instagram, you know how passionate we are about health and fitness. You see our daily posts about our 5 am workouts, our meal prepping, and our countless dinner plates with veggies piled high. People ask us often what we do for work, and are very surprised to hear that we work for a “Big 4” accounting firm.

In the back of our minds, we knew once we found our passion, we had to do something with it. People always say, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” On that note, my sister, Alexis, and I have decided to leave our corporate jobs, and pursue our passion.

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