The Softest Grey Hoodie You Need

The Softest Grey Hoodie You Need | SHOP THE OUTFIT

Happy Thursday! Hope you all are having a great week! We have almost made it to Friday. Do you all have any fun plans this weekend?! We just got back into Dallas from El Paso (where our parents still live). We spent the week there, and if we are being honest, we worked the entire time #workaholics. What can we say, we are very passionate about what we do, haha. We had a great time, though! Always nice to be with family!

You all may have seen this hoodie quite a bit on our instagrams. It is seriously SO soft. We want to live in it. What we love about it is, yes, of course, it is grey, but also, you can wear it with workout clothes and stuff like jeans and shorts. It is a great casual layering piece, AND it has pockets and a hood, what else can you ask for?

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