An Extra Dose Podcast: Blogger Collaborations, Something VERY Personal, and Staying Healthy while Traveling

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In case you missed our first few podcast episodes of An Extra Dose, you can listen to them here, here, and here .

This episode is definitely way more personal than we have ever gotten, but we have been getting a lot of questions about it, and we decided to open up, and talk about it! We also talk about blogger collaborations from both the blogger and business perspective. And, for those of you heading out on a vacation soon, we are spilling all of our tips for staying on track during your trip!

We want to hear your feedback. We are just starting out, so any tips or anything you want answered, we are all ears! Also, don't forget to rate + review us on iTunes.

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10 Things We Would Tell Our Younger Selves

10 Things We Would Tell Our Younger Selves | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

Happy Thursday, y’all! We wanted to starting to share some more personal posts with you all since we seem to get great feedback when we do so:)

We are usually pretty private people (yes, we know that makes ZERO sense considering our job, lol). We are both pretty confident people for the most part, and know what we want, don’t like, and do like, but when you have so much of your life and job focused on social media, it can be hard to share EVERYTHING. It does open yourself up to tons of criticism, and luckily, we both really haven’t encountered it that often, so thank you ALL for your constant support and sweet words. We wanted to share 10 things we would tell our younger selves. Some of these are still things we both work on a constant basis, but we thought they would be good to share with y’all!

Learn How to Deal with Criticism and Rejection

This is one that we have definitely dealt with in our 20’s, and especially more and more recently. This can be at school, at work, or in your personal life. It is totally okay, and part of life. As much as it sucks when it happens, it makes you that much stronger of a person, and you grow so much from it. You just have to tell yourself that things will play out the way they are supposed to, keep your chin up, and move on!

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